"The Best Philly Steak in Town"

We make very delicious and wide varieties of Philly Steaks!


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Monday - Saturday
9:00 AM - 8:30 PM

9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

82590 US Highway 111 Suite 104, Indio, CA 92201
Tel. 760.347.6235 / Fax. 760.347.6245

"One of the best Philly Steak I have eaten and it is really delicious.  I love all of the Asian Favorites especially the Lechon Kawali and Sisig, truly one of a kind.  Staff are very friendly."

Jeffrey Go

"Excellent food and the customer service is Outstanding.  It's like my second home because every week I came here to order my favorite tapsilog and the big burrito!"

aileen pic for testimony
Fredylyn Yabut

"I love everything here the foods and how they prepare it.  Friendly staff and the owner is generous.  I always order the Tacos and the Philly Steak, which is indeed the best philly steak in Town!"

tess narito
Tess Narito

"Thank you Art Alkobar" for fixing me a protein packed Philly Delux Omelette breakfast after a grueling workout. This guys never fail me!! If you're in the desert area you gotta stop by." 

thomas lauguico
Thomas Lauguico

"First time I came here to eat and my friends have been talking about this place.  The food is amazing and I love the Korean BBQ & the Phillysteaks.  You need to try it out."

conchita go
Conchita Go

"We always enjoy eating at Alkobar in Indio. Great Philly, tasty fries and also serve Asian Foods that are up to our taste.  The crew's like family because they treat you as one serving the best."

roy lagatic
Roy Lagatic

"I tried the Phillysteak and it was the best I have ever eaten so far.  I am from LA and I hope we have Alkobar Foods there.  The foods are delicious and the service was outstanding. Keep it up!"

shiela opelena
Shiela Opeleña